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Attend LTF as a visitor and communicate with all travel & tourism representatives from around the globe

Trade Visitors

As a trade visitor, you will be able to make an appointment with different exhibitors either locally or internationally. You can also create business opportunities with travel experts in many fields such as: accommodation, transportation, travel technology, etc. All you need to do is to create an account, login to make an appointment with exhibitors and then you can agree on common benefits & values, isn't it great!

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Public Visitors

Registration & login to LTF's portal is free for public visitors. You will have an access to all discounted offers presented by diverse exhibitors around many destinations and then you will be redirected to the selected company's website to book your vacation in a quick and easy way.

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Group Leaders

As a group leader, you can be part of any religious, spiritual or athletic organization in your local community. In addition, you might be with a group of family or friends who like travelling together. All you need to do is having 15+ members of your organization, registering to our online travel fair as a group leader, getting the chance of meeting travel business providers in many destinations and agreeing on great deals & offers from our exhibitors that perfectly suits your group.

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Tour Guides

Register at LTF as a tour guide and benefit from the many opportunities you can get via our top global exhibitors, expand your business contacts, share your profile among tour operators and achieve more job opportunities by making deals with tourism and travel business providers.

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